A flyfishing-paradise

We're offering streamfishing in close proximity to the mountains, in the upper parts of "Tännån". These streams have never been a part of the common fishing license. Since a few years back, they've been granted for use to fishing-guests hiring cabins from Ingebrikt Bergman in Tännäs. During those years, catch limits on grayling and trout have been introduced.

Grayling Fin in Tännån

Grayling Fin in Tännån

"Tännån" winds through a montane forest landscape in the shadow of "Rödfjället" and the Muskox-grounds of "Storvålen". Parts of more rapid water are relieved by parts with calm streams, offering excellent locations and conditions for flyfishing.

The stretch of about 3.5 km gives the flyfisher undisturbed freedom without any competition from anglers or spinfishers. Catch limits apply and the number of fishers are heavily restricted due to these streams only being available to the guests of Nättan Skog & Fritid.